Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tai Chi Chuan (Square Form) 108. Step Back To Ride The Tiger

1. Step back with the right leg into a front stance. Lean forward slightly.
2. Shift the weight back onto the rear leg, the ball of the foot comes up.
3. Draw the left leg back, touching the ground with the toes.
4. Bring both hands down and out to the side in an arc. The left hand forms a hook, wrist bent, while the right palm is open and facing right.
5. Twist the hips to the right, at the same time pivoting on the left toes so that the body faces the right. The left arm moves around and down in an arc until the fingertips are pointing away from the body. At the same time the right hand comes up to protect the head.
6. Kick straight forward with the left leg at groin level.
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