Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tai Chi Chuan (Square Form) 53. Twist The Body And Kick

1. Turn the left foot 90° in towards the centre. Sliding in on the ball of the right foot, draw it in towards the left foot, simultaneously twisting the body 90° around to the tight.
2. Twisting the waist to the left, raise the right arm in a 180° arc. At the top of the arc the left arm follows the right arm down and across to the right in another 180° arc. At the bottom of this arc clench the fists as the right hand comes to rest, palm facing the navel, to complete a circle. The left hand continues around to complete a circle, coming to rest above the head, while the right leg is raised with the sole of the foot turned up and facing left.
3. Stretching the arms out to the side at shoulder level, palms down, kick out to the right at knee level with the outside of the right foot.
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