Tai Chi Fighter Song
Bing1 Leoi5 Zai1 On3 must be serious
Follow up and down difficult to get in
Let him be powerful to hit me
Effect on 400 grams weighs to move thousands kilograms
Guide him to a mistake then fight back immediately
Nim1 Lin4 Min4 Ceoi4 not lose and against
Coi2 Lit6 Zaau2 Kaau3 more surprising
Do it no need to think of mind
That can be light, flexible and understood power of ging6
Get in the full circle of Taichi not a part

Also say
You doesn't move, I doesn't move
You moves slightly, I moves first
Like loose but tight
To push but pull
Strength exhausted but spirit keep fighting

PS my english no good, if you have a better meaning, let me update