Self-defense San Shou - actual combat techniques for self-defense.
Being able to stop the opponent's attack is a real martial art.
You must not have the heart to harm others but you must have the heart to guard against others.
It doesn't matter how strong your martial arts are, if you use them to harm others, it is definitely not the original intention of Tai Chi Heritage.
Self-improvement, encourage each other.

Turn The Body to Face the Left Square Form
1 Pat the Horse High Step forward
2 Palms together lean forward
3 Turn waist and open arms
1 Turn the foot and hook the hand
2 Step up lift feet
3 Straight body

Turn The Body to Face the Left Round Form
Pat The Horse High Step forward
Put your palms together before your waist to attack
Turn your feet, hook your hands, step up and draw a circle
Swivel hands lift feet

Straight punch
Grasping The Bird’s Tail
Right hand up
Through the middle of the opponent's arm
Left hand bent his forearm
Finger hooks his wrist
Lever principle
Front drop and back rise
Control his movement
Number 4 lock
Attack from below
Hook elbow with right hand
Left hand rotate forward
Reach out to the shoulders and press down 
Anti Number 4 lock
Usually, most beginners make mistakes here
People go and they go
This is wrong
Correct way
He can't go even if he wants to go

When bad guy with a weapon, thirty
Six moves, walking away is the best move.
When you have to face it, put your backpack to front, 
wrap your arms around your clothes,
Reduce the chance of injury, Self-defense San Shou works or not,
it depends practice is proficient. In real
can save a life in danger, this
It is the original intention of Tai Chi Heritage.

Tai Chi Heritage