Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tai Chi Chuan (Square Form) 76. Parting The Wild Horses Mane

1. Twist the hips to the left and lower the right hand palm up to just below the left hip.
2. Step slightly to the right with the right leg and shift into a front stance twisting the hips to the left.
3. Stretch out the arms by reaching out at 45° to the right with the right hand palm up while the gaze follows the left hand which reaches out to the left at 45°. At the same time twist the hips to the right.
4. Turn the right foot on its heel 90° out to the right and draw the right hand in until the back of the thumb faces the left breast.
5. Twisting the hips to the right, lower the left hand palm up to below the right hip.
6. Step forward onto the left heel.
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