Tai Chi Self-defense

0 The Tai Chi Beginning Style
1 The Seven Stars Style
2 Grasping The Bird’s Tail
3 The Single Whip
4 Flying Oblique
5 Raise Hands And Step Up
6 White Crane Flaps Its Wings
7 Brush Knee Twist Step
8 Stroke The Lute
9 Parry And Punch
10 As If Shutting A Door
11 Embrace Tiger And Return To Mountain
12 Cross Hands
13 Fist Under Elbow
14 Step Back And Repulse Monkey
15 Needle At Sea Bottom
16 Fan Through The Back
17 Swing Fist
18 Wave Hands In Clouds
19 Pat The Horse High
20 Turn The Body To Face
21 Raise The Leg And Kick Out In A Curve
22 Turn Around And Kick With Heel
23 Step Forward And Punch Down
24 Turn Body And Swing Fist
25 Step Back Into The Seven Stars Style
26 Step Back To Strike The Tiger
27 Twist The Body And Kick
28 Boxing The Ears
29 Parting The Wild Horse’s Mane
30 Fair Lady Works At Shuttle
31 Snake Creeps Down
32 Golden Cockerel Stands On One Leg
33 Slap The Face
34 Cross And Single Hand Sweep Lotus Leg
35 Step Up To Punch The Groin
36 Step Back To Ride The Tiger
37 Turn Body And Double Hand Sweep Lotus Leg
38 Draw The Bow To Shoot The Tiger
39 Two-Handed Sweep
40 Single-Handed Sweep
41 Snapping The Arm Style
42 Guard Breaker Style
43 Tiger capturing the Head
44 White Snake Putting Out Its Tongue
45 Pioneer Arm
46 Flying Flower Palm
47 Five Elements Elbow
48 Thunder Fist

Shake Hands
Spin Up Hands
Spin Down Hands