Yin Styles
  1. Golden tortoise
  2. Embracing the one
  3. Lifting a golden plate
  4. Jade rabbit facing the moon
  5. Red-capped crane stretching its feet
  6. Civet cat catching rats
  7. Flick the whip left and right
  8. White ape pushes out its paws
  9. Swallow piercing the clouds
  10. Leading a goat smoothly
  11. Giant python turns its body
  12. Elephant Shaking its head

Yang Styles
  1. Tiger paws
  2. Golden dragon coiled round a pillar
  3. White horse pounds its hooves
  4. Plant the fence left and right
  5. Wu Gang choping laurels
  6. Rhinoceros faces the moon
  7. Reclining tiger stretches its waist
  8. Monarch of the mountain coming out from a cave
  9. Boatman rowin the boat
  10. Hungry eagle looking for food
  11. Macaque leaping through the trees
  12. Old man burning cinnabar