Already lost
No time to think
If you need to think then you slow
Use the opponent's strength
Must train like this
You push me away
Tighten the waist and abdomen
Many surface can not see
Muscles in the body tighten
I thought it would be quick to let go
practically useless
The solution is so easy to fall
Center stable can't keep it
I use little force then you will fall
You don't have Sì liǎng
Now you are the most stable
I use little force then you will fall
I do my best, you have to hold on
Don't over Center stable
Work hard on this position
People chased you and beat you
Do you think people push you?
In fact, it is to Lu you
Hard to balance
I can't keep it without Sì liǎng
In fact, all I use is your strength
Seemingly simple
Bounce me back with your strength
It's like you push the wall to bouncestart

Sorry, my English no good, hope you understand

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