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Tai Chi Square Form 29-32 Styles

(29) The Seven Stars Style (Left)
1. Sit back
2. Bend your elbows and put your hands on your chest
3. Put your left hand on your right hand
Thumbs and nose level

(30) Needle At Sea Bottom
1. Hanging feet
2. Put your right hand on your left hand
3. Squat down
Right hand stab

1. Step with left foot
Shoulder to shoulder
2. Step forward
Put your right hand on

(31) Fan Through The Back
3. Right hand backhand
At the same time, the left foot turn right

1. Take a half step back with your right foot
2. Squat
Facing oblique angle
3. Push out with left palm
Move the right hand to form a fan shape

(32) Swing Fist
1. Sit back with your left foot inward
Make a fist with your left hand and hook it up
Facing forward
2. Make a fist with your right hand and swing down

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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