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Tai Chi Square Form 59-62 Styles

(59) Step Up Parry and Punch
3. Sit back
Bring your right fist back to your hip.
Left palm should be in line with the centre of your chest.

1. Turn your waist and left palm to the right.
2. Palm down, turn to front.
3. Punch forward with your right fist.

(60) As If Shutting A Door
1. Place the left palm on the underside of the right wrist
2. Sit back with your palms facing inwards and crossed at the wrists.
Uncross your arms so that they align with the shoulders.
3. Turn the palms to face outward and push forward

(61) Embrace Tiger And Return To Mountain
1. Press down with both hands
The left foot turns inward, while the body remains facing forward. 
2. Turn waist right
Place your hands against your waist, with the palms facing up.
Right toes point toward the sky
3. Shift the weight to the right foot and raise the arms.

(62) Cross Hands
1. Step up with the left foot. Toes should point forward.
2. Right foot turns to front.
Cross your hands with your right hand on the outside.

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