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Tai Chi Square Form 50-53 Styles

(50) Raise the Right Leg and Kick Out in a Curve
1. Lift your foot
2. Open your hands. Fingertips touch.
3. Kick out with your right foot
Raise your arms and draw them apart.
Turn to the right corner at the same time

(51) Step Back into the Seven Stars Style
1. Place your right foot behind you at an angle.
2. Sit back and sink your elbows. The toes of the left foot point towards the sky. Left foot rests on the ground at the heel.
3. Bring your left hand down in front of you. Right hand touches left wrist.

(52) Step Back to Strike the Tiger
1. Palms down.
The right arm extends out, moving above the left hand.
Step back with the left foot at the same time.
2. Turn and lean back. Hands parallel to feet.
3.Turn your waist to the left. Left hand moves in a circular motion, clockwise, up to protect the forehead. Right hand moves counterclockwise and presses down.

(53) Twist the Body and Kick
1. Sit with the weight on the left leg, which is bent slightly. Right leg is raised with the toes resting on the ground.
2. Turn your waist to the left. 
The right arm moves in a clockwise circle. The left arm follows.

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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