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Tai Chi Square Form 73-74 Styles

(73) Parting The Wild Horse's Mane
1. Turn the body inward. Your right hand, with an upward-facing palm, cuts across the body to your left hip. 
Position your left hand, palm out, on the outside of the shoulder. 
2. Step out to the side with the front foot so that the legs are shoulder-width apart. 
Shift the weight into a front stance. 
Unwind the body to face forward. 
3. Turn the body inward at the waist, and then unwind to face forward. Arms should be at 45-degree angles from the body. 
The right palm is facing up and the left palm is facing down.  
The right hand is slightly higher than the left hand and the shoulders. Look towards the left hand. 
1. Turn your right foot outward and sink your right elbow. 
2. Left hand cuts across the body to the right hip. 
3. Step up. 
(74) Fair Lady Works At Shuttle 
1. Turn the body outward at the waist. The left hand is facing up and reaches towards the left corner. 
2. Shift the weight back into a sitting stance. 
Forearm is raised at a right angle to the bicep. 
3. Turn the waist 90 degrees. 
Push out with the palms. Left hand is horizontal. Fingers of the right hand point up. 

1. Turn with the waist. Turn your left foot inward. Step out with the right foot. Right palm is facing up; Left palm is facing down. 
2. Shift the weight into a front stance. The right palm is facing up and reaches towards the right corner.

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