Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Tai Chi Four Corner (Si Yu) Pushing Hands (Bing Lu Ji An)

Both sides take the Seven-Star Style as a ready posture
Attacker right hand pushes forward center
Attacker left hand pushes forward center
Attacker defender change
Defender cover wrist with left hand and cover elbow with right hand
Defender cover wrist with right hand and cover elbow with left hand
Attacker defender change
Repeat action
Defender toes point to the sky after sits back
False and real must be clear
Defender use waist to turn the body
Turn waist around 45 degrees each side

Attacker Ji / pushs forward
Defender use Bing forward to solve
Attacker An / pushs Down 
Defender  use Lu forward to solve

Attacker defender change

Now it's left hand attack first
Change hands
Now it's right hand attack first

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