Left foot forward reason
Most people are right-handed.
The left foot and the right hand will be more flexible,
When turning the waist, the force is also greater,
In actual combat, it will get twice the result with half the effort.
On the contrary, if the right foot is in front,
Our weak line faces the enemy's strong
hand attack line, obviously not
It is based on the principle of Tai Chi.

Start Point 1
The start point is also called the balance point.
This is the first time when the two sides contacted, 
Beginners do not know,
Middle-level know later,
Master knows before.
The key position to decide the outcome,
be able to grasp the reality of both sides
To practice for a long time.

Start Point 2
Left hand up right hand down
Because most people are right-handed
the right hand exerts more force,
Therefore, cover his elbow with left hand first.
Reduce opponent's attack
power, the other party will also cover
my elbow, forming the second
start point the two sides.

Start Point 3
Hands on top are Free Pushing Hands
The best position in the best fit
The principle of Tai Chi, because the earth is the most power is with you, in this refers to gravity, which will
hang your own weight on the opponent arm, easily made the opponent can't move, make me know someone
and people don't know my state.

Start Point 4
Hands down are the worst position in the Free Pushing Hands.
His weight hanging on our arms, we can't move,
At this time, the waist, abdomen, shoulders, elbow and wrist must be tightened, use listening strength, 
You don't move I don't move; you move slightly I move first.
If you can turn defeat into victory,
You are the master of masters.

Leave hands
Left hand should choose right hand
Easy win with left hand press

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