Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tai Chi Chuan (Square Form) 106. Snake Creeps Down

1. Pivoting on the left heel, shift the weight onto the left leg and reach out to the left with the left hand.
2. Twisting the hips, reach over and across to the left with the right hand until the wrist touches the left fingertips. At the same time turn the right foot in towards the centre.
3. Turning the right foot on its heel until it points diagonally out to the right, reach over and across past the right hand with the left hand. The left forearm rests against the right fingertips.
4. Shift the weight back onto the right leg, straightening the left leg and pulling the hands in close to the body. The left foot is flat on the ground.
5. Draw the hands in an arc to the right and then down just above the ground in front of the body, sinking down at the same time.
6. Shift forward and up into a front stance, stepping out slightly with the right foot, bringing the left hand up in an arc to protect the face, while the right hand protects the groin.
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