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Tai Chi Square Form 25-26 Styles

(25) Flying Oblique
1. The left palm is turned towards the sky
2. Put your right hand on your left wrist
3. Turn right foot right
The right heel is the center of the circle
Sit down and look behind you
Hands parallel to oblique angles

1. Step forward with left foot
Heels in a straight line
Tips to the sky
2. Left leg turn inside 45 degree
3. Shift weight to left foot
Open your hands and straighten your right foot
Eyes, nose and feet in the same direction

(26) Raise Hands And Step Up
1. Move right hand and right foot forward
Feet and shoulders level
2. Place your left palm straight in front of your chest
3. Step forward, shift the center of gravity to the front foot
Lean forward

1. Step forward in a straight line with your left foot
Shift the center of gravity to your feet
2. Keep your waist straight
3. Lift your right hand and lower your left hand
Keep your feet straight

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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