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Tai Chi Square Form 65-68 Styles

2. Bend your left elbow and position your left hand in line with the centre of your chest.
3. Bring the right hand up so that the fingertips of the left hand (lower) touch the wrist of the right hand (higher).
(66) Grasping The Bird's Tail
1. Bend forward at the waist. The right palm faces toward the sky.
Bring the hands down in front of the Dantian.
2. Shift the weight into a forward stance and extend your right arm. Turn your waist, together with your arms, 45 degrees to the left.
3. Turn your waist, together with your arms, to the right. The right arm remains extended. The right palm should be slightly higher than shoulder level and face towards the sky.

1. Sit back, with the right palm at face height. The toes of the right foot point towards the sky.
2. Press down with the right palm to the level of the Dantian.
3. Shift into a front stance, pushing the palm forward while turning to the left. You should be leaning forward with the front leg bent and the back leg straight.
(67) The Single Whip Oblique
1. Right hand forms a hook and the right foot rotates inward
When rotating, the center of gravity is on the right heel
2. Take half a step to the side with your left foot. Both feet should be in a straight line.
3. Open the left hand with the palm inwards at a 45-degree angle to the face.
Shift your weight onto both feet
Turn the waist to the back corner
Push the palm forward while bending the knees and sinking
Look at the left hand
Hands are slightly above the shoulders
(68) The Seven Stars Style
1. Turn the left foot inward and sit back.
2. Bring your left hand in line with the centre of your chest while making a small step inward with your right foot. Remain facing forward.

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