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Tai Chi Square Form 21-22 Styles

(21)  Grasping The Bird’s Tail
1. Bend over, right palm facing toward the sky
Before releasing the Dantian
2. Before attacking, stretch your right hand towards the left corner
3. Turn your waist and stretch your right hand towards the right corner
Right palm facing toward the sky, slightly higher than shoulder level

1. Sit back, palms and face height
Toe tips to the sky
2. Press with your back palm and reach to Dantian
3. Lean forward, push the palm forward
The palm position is directly forward and to the left
Bend the front foot and straighten the back foot

(22) The Single Whip Oblique 
1. The hands form a hook and the feet turn together
When turning, the center of gravity is on the heels
2. Take half a step forward with your left leg
3. Open the left hand to the ankle
Shift your weight to your feet
Turn the waist to 45 degrees to the back
Push the palm forward while squat
Looking at the left hand
Hands slightly above shoulders

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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