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Tai Chi Square Form 13-14 Styles

(13) Stroke The Lute
1. Step straight up with your right foot
Parallel with left foot
2. Keep your waist straight
Put your hands on your waist and abdomen
3. Stand with your feet straight

(14) Step Up, Parry And Punch
1.  Squat
Turn your right foot first to shift your weight
Stretch out left foot
Shoulder to shoulder
2. Turn waist right
Left palm on top, right hand fist
Punch out in semicircle
3. Sit back
Place your right fist on your waist
Place your left palm on your chest

1. Move your left palm to the right
2. Palm down and turn to front
3. Punch forward with your right fist

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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