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Tai Chi Square Form 23-24 Styles

(23) Fist Under Elbow
1. Turn left hand 135 degrees to the left
The left heel is the center of the circle
The front foot is bent and the back foot is straight
2. Move right foot to left
Feet shoulder width apart
Left hand straight and right hand horizontal
3. Sit back
Make fists with both hands
Place your right fist on the bottom of your left elbow

1. Turn waist 45 degrees to the right
2. Step forward
Left heart of fist facing inward
Left palm open
3. Turn waist 45 degrees to the left
The left palm is in a straight line with the left shoulder

(24) Step Back And Repulse Monkey
1. Sit back
2. Put your hands under your left ear
Right  hand straight and left hand horizontal kept looking forward
3. Lift your feet

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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