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Tai Chi Square Form 36-38 Styles

(36) Wave Hands In Clouds (Turning Hands)
2. Turn your waist to the left
Right foot to left corner
Put your right hand next to your thigh

3. Right heel touches left heel
Right foot points to front. 
Bring your torso upright.
Right hand touches left wrist
Sink into a sitting stance at the same time

1. Right foot to the right corner
The right heel is the center of the circle
Right hand to right corner
2. Turn waist right
Place your left hand next to your thigh
Palms to the right corner
3. Left hand touches right wrist
Move the left leg back. Keep the weight on the right leg.

(37) The Single Whip
1. Right hand forms a hook and the right foot rotates inward
When rotating, the center of gravity is on the right heel
2. Take half a step to the side with your left foot. Both feet should be in a straight line.
3. Open the left hand with the palm inwards at a 45-degree angle to the face. 
Shift your weight onto both feet
Turn the waist to the back corner
Push the palm forward while bending the knees and sinking
Look at the left hand
Hands are slightly above the shoulders

(38) Pat The Horse High (Left)
1. Shift the weight to the left leg so as to turn the right foot to the left corner. Then, shift into back stance. Right hand is open and slightly higher than the head. Left hand is open and facing up.
2. Bring the left foot back and rest the toes on the ground.
3. Right hand press down and left hand touches right wrist.

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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