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Tai Chi Square Form 42-44 Styles

(42) Turn The Body To Face The Right
2. Shift the weight into a front stance. Left hand is above the right hand, with the palms facing each other.
3. Turn waist left
Turn your waist right and open your arms
The right palm faces the sky and the left palm faces the ground

1. Turn waist and right foot 45 degrees to the right
Make fists with both hands. Rotate the arms counterclockwise and bring them together at the wrists. 
2. Bring your left foot so that it is slightly in front of your right foot. Rest the toes on the ground.
3. Bring your torso upright.

(43) Raise The Left Leg And Kick Out In A Curve
1. Lift your foot
2. Open your hands. Fingertips touch.
3. Kick out with your left foot
Raise your arms and draw them apart.
Turn to the left corner at the same time

(44) Turn Around And Kick With Heel
1. Lower your left leg behind the right leg. Rest your toes on the ground.
Make fists with both hands. Bring them together at the wrists.
2. Turn your waist to face the opposite direction.
Lift your foot. Open your hands. Fingertips touch.
3.  Kick out with your left heel as you draw your arms apart.

To be continued. Thank you for watching. Attention please.
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